Your project - on time, on spec, on budget

Modular structure

Create personalised workflows by choosing which modules you want to use, for each project, individually. Different type of project - different workflow. You'll be more efficient this way, and you'll get the best out of every project.

Planning & Execution

Prepare your projects ahead of time. Create tasks and milestones and assign them to your team members. Watch the progress of your project in real time, and make the necessary adjustments to keep it on track.


Track your costs and other project expenses, planned or unplanned. Set budgets and rates, see estimates, and get a better understanding of spendings.

Resource management

See the workload of every team member, avoid dead time and overbooking, and maximize the efficiency of every project.


Choose the risk parameters you want to monitor. Manually add risks and issues that might affect your project, and designate team members to mitigate them. Get notified before the situation becomes critical.

User efficiency report

Get insights on your team members' performance. Build better teams, with superior results, or put together specialised teams that can successfully handle specific tasks.


Manage your projects and your clients within the same interface. Don't lose time switching applications or searching through emails - communicate with your clients and get sign-offs directly in Orkanise.

Feel involved and connected

Orkanise helps your team take control of the project. It reduces duplication of work and facilitates the direct communication between team members, via the message board and the online chat.

External integration

The tools you're familiar with - available directly into Orkanise. Use Dropbox or Google docs to make external resources available to your teams.

Take over your project

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